The NZRAB is required by law to confirm every five years that all architects are still competent.

One of the competency review requirements is that the architect being reviewed must "demonstrate that he or she has taken reasonable steps to maintain the currency of his or her architectural knowledge and skills since the last assessment" (Registered Architects Rules 2006, Rule 21(1)(b)).

To assist architects with meeting this requirement, a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework is available. Each registered architect is able to access an individual webpage through which they can record the CPD activities that they have done. When the architect is due for their Continuing Registration Competency Review (CRCR) assessment, they are able to provide evidence of the CPD completed in the past five years by downloading a report from their individual CPD webpage.

Each architect’s CPD dashboard also provides information on available CPD opportunities and how to register for in-person and online/virtual events.

CPD Points Target
To further assist architects, the CPD Framework has built in a points system for quantifying the relative value of different CPD activities. When an architect records a CPD activity, the activity is awarded points depending on an estimate of the CPD’s relative worth.

In this context, a CPD points target has been established for architects to aspire to.

See also more information on the CPD points target.

CPD for those Working towards Registration
Architectural graduates and others, who are working towards registration, can also use the NZRAB’s CPD Framework.

This is available for those with a recognsied tertiary qualification for registration as an architect (see Pathway 1), or those who have had a QEAP (Pathway 2) determination as a first step towards registration, or are participants in the NZIA Emerge Group / Graduate Development Programme.

By participating in the CPD for those Working towards Registration programme, applicants can further extend their architectural knowledge, engage with the profession and industry, and develop the professional development habits required of a registered architect.

Unlike registered architects, who are awarded CPD points to quantify their professional development activities when having their five yearly competency reviews, participants in the CPD for those Working towards Registration programme do not receive nor accrue CPD points as there is no set points target. However, participants are able to record their CPD activity on an individual CPD webpage.

To access the programme, please download and complete the application form.